A Game of Risk

Despite many of us trying to ignore the significance of the New Year, we are seemingly hard-wired to spend this time in reflection.  The date, of course, is arbitrary but many of us use it as a marker by which we seek to make positive life changes. 


Many people use New Year as an opportunity to look for another role.In fact, the numbers are quite staggering. In 2013, it was estimated that 11.84 million people (2 in 5 of the UK total workforce) started to look for work in January with one particular day so busy, it has become known as National Job Hunt Day.


There are also a number of other reasons why January is a good month to look for a new role; many organisations use January as the start of the financial year or use January to launch new initiatives, meaning they often consider hiring more staff.


But before you start looking are you clear about your motivations for wanting a new role? Many candidates forget that changing roles is fraught with danger as a new role does not automatically guarantee career satisfaction.  You should consider the following first:


1. Are you moving for a positive reason such as a promotion or a role with greater responsibilities?  If not, the likelihood is you are moving for negative reasons such as unhappiness with salary or role boredom. A new role will rarely fix these feelings for long

2. Does the role make sense on your CV?  If you have built a career in financial services, will jumping say to a role in media make sense?  Think where your career is headed

3. What is the culture of the new organisation?  Is it a people or results oriented business and will this fit with your personality and goals?

4. Is the company stable?  Start-ups by their nature are exciting but have you done your own due diligence?

5. Your work / life balance. How does a new location affect your journey to work, your gym, buying lunch, catching up with family and friends?


Ultimately the decision comes down to instinct or gut feel. But we advise candidates to do as much research as they possibly can.  Change jobs in haste, repent at leisure.

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